“…I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.” Psalm 91:15

During the First World War one Christian pilot as he was flying over Africa the aero plane engine got repaired and started to descend slowly. The pilot prayerfully with trouble landed on the plane ground. He saw some huts there and started to walk towards. Fearing the hut residents as carnivorous he walked slowly to the huts. A while distance he heard a song from the hut. He recognized it was song of Christian tone in English. He boldly went to the hut. Seeing this Whiteman, they stopped singing and gazed him surprisingly. Their leader came and asked him in their language. The Englishman (Whiteman) blinked without knowing his talk. Suddenly he was struck with a thought and uttered Hallelujah! They all repeated joyfully the word Hallelujah! The leader of that hamlet embraced the pilot. The pilot also embraced thought he did not know their tongue. The pilot began to worship glorify God in that church with them without knowing their tongue.

Those people served him with fruits and water and took him to the British army camp in that forest. See how wonderfully god protected him safely. Praise God is the common slogan of Hallelujah for all language people of believers.

Dear ones! In our troubles whose help we are seeking? Is the man or God? David faced troubles from King Saul many times. In all such situations David looked at God alone. God gave new leading and saved him. When we call upon God in whatever place and whichever place howbeit the situations are even if are able to speak the righteousness or not God will wonderfully protect us. Hallelujah!

-Psalm 91:15

-By Mrs. Jothi Anand

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