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Daily Devotion (English) – 13.05.2023

Daily Devotion (English) – 13.05.2023


Prayer and action


“If someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?” - James 2:14


Kumar is a serious devotee. He loves hockey. His goal is to become a champion in hockey. Everyday he used to pray, God somehow make me a champion. Whatever he might forget to do but not this prayer. One day he said, God I have been praying since my childhood to make me a champion in hockey. Why don't you do anything to me? God replied, I wanted to make you a champion. But I can only make you a champion if you go to the ground. But you are sitting at home and watching hockey on Tv, how can I make you a champion? Most of us are like this young man. If we look at this stage wise, during school days instead of studying they will play and pray seriously during exams. Can God do anything for them? During their college days, they will waste their time thinking let me enjoy my life and spend their time on the phone, internet, club and ask others to pray for them during exams, by doing so when they open their book everything will be new and like a blind person left in the forest. Is there any use if they shed tears? 


Few of us don't even read the Bible. But we pray like this, Jesus reveal the secrets of the Bible to me. Show me the hidden treasures, change me into a Bible expert so that I can clear the doubts of others. What will be the answer of God? He will say, first read the Bible with prayer eagerness and meditation then will I reveal the secrets of the Bible. 


My dear! In our spiritual life, we wish to receive anointing, lead a holy life, and want to worship God. But have we tried, waited and prayed? Like faith without work is dead, work without faith is also dead. 

- Mrs. Nandhini selvin


Prayer request

For God to use the youngsters and children who participate in the Amen village TV programs.



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