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Daily Devotion (English) – 12.05.2023

Daily Devotion (English) – 12.05.2023




“Beware lest you also fall from your own steadfastness” - 2 Peter 3:17


Among the preachers in Whales, Evans Christmas is special. There was a great revival through him in Whales. His friends beat and tortured him when they heard his repentance and he lost an eye to it. He did ministry in the Isle of Anglesey. He was back slides in his later days. His spiritual life was cold. Bible reading, prayer and preaching started declining. One day the Holy Spirit spoke to him. After that he wrote a pledge named " a pledge with God" and signed under it. Those are as follows. 


1. I give my soul and spirit to you Jesus. Deliver me from sin, eternal death and bring me to eternal life. Amen


2. Give me a circumcised heart so that I can love you wholeheartedly. Reign over me so that I shouldn't be ashamed as a hypocrite in your judgement. Amen


3. I surrender my time, strength, grace and all my talents to the edification of the church. Amen


4. Protect me from murmuring against you, injuring you by my temptations and my peace from distortion. Amen


5. Protect me so that sin doesn't separate me from you, lose your grace through my sinful deeds, from being useless before my life ends. Amen


6. Inspect me, I shouldn't appear differently during Your judgement, help me to see the way You see me. Help me not to think more than what You think of me. Amen


7. Feed me, not like feeding the birds or plants but like a child in your family and protect me for I am undeserving. Amen


Let us also abide by this Christmas Evans' pledge from today.

- S. Jeyakumari


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