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Daily Devotion (English) – 11.05.2023

Daily Devotion (English) – 11.05.2023


Love of Calvary


“Though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing“ - 1 Corinthians 13:2


It is not an easy task to walk the path of love! If you decide to walk that path be prepared to suffer. If you want to be successful in such life, there is nothing more powerful than the love of God. Let us realise whether we have such love in us. 


1. If a glass of sweet water is shaken, not even a drop from it will be bitter. If so, I don't have the love of Calvary in me, if something suddenly happens to shake me and I lose my temper to speak bad words.


2. God is mighty enough to wash all the speck of sand on the beach many times in a day, if we didn't realise that God can remove all the memories of other's mistakes from my heart but say " I can forgive those who sin against me but I can't forget that" it means I don't have the love of Calvary in me. 


3. In this far stretched world, if I seek any other possessions than the dust from the floor of the crucifixion site, it means that I don't have the love of Calvary in me. 


Only those who have an unquenching thirst to experience this life of love, are careful enough to wash and cleanse their heart so that the Holy Spirit can fill them. God also listens to their heart's cry and fills them again and again with His love. Do you have the effect of such love in you?

- Amy Carmichael


Prayer request

For those working in Amen village media to be filled with the wisdom of Bezaleel.



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