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Daily Devotion (English) – 09.05.2023

Daily Devotion (English) – 09.05.2023


You can talk


“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver” - Proverbs 25:11


A newly married couple went from a village to a city for a job. In their new house was a mirror imprinted on a wall. This man hasn't seen a mirror before, so when he saw his face it was similar to his father's. He was very happy! Daily he will stand before the mirror, he thought he saw his father's face and went to work happily. His wife noted this for a few days, one day after he went to his office, she looked into the mirror and saw the face of a beautiful woman. She was shocked. From that instant she started to doubt her husband. She lost her peace. She couldn't do the household chores as she was heartbroken. One day she said her household situation to a neighbouring old woman. That old woman came to the house to know the situation, she made both of them look into the mirror, and said this is a mirror that will reflect the face of those standing in front of it. She then said, couples should talk to each other and sort things out. If you asked him about this the day you saw what he did. 


We can read about a couple of Issac and Rebecca in Genesis. They had two children Esau and Jacob. Instead of raising them and loving them together, dad loved one and mom loved the other. Due to this mind-set, in the later date they had misunderstandings and it led to one wanting to kill the other. 


My dear couples! How is your life? Be it daily chores, future planning, children's education, income or expenses, whatever it may be let us discuss and share with one another, if we calmly grow bitterness it will lead to unwanted problems, doubts and separation. When God inquired about us, let us inquire about each other and build our houses in love. 

- Mrs. Anitha Azhagarsami


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