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Daily Devotion (English) – 07.05.2023 (Kids Special)

Daily Devotion (English) – 07.05.2023 (Kids Special)


VBS has come


“He who wins souls is wise” - Proverbs 11:30


Hello children how are you? Summer holidays have come you all are happy aren't you? The month of May will be very hot, don't stay outside, drink more water, obey your parents okay? What comes to your mind in May? Yes, VBS, new songs, Bible verses, puppets, stories and so on. You must go to VBS in your area okay? Shall we listen to a story? 


Ramesh woke up early, took a shower and got ready, told his mom " give me food it is time". Mom didn't know what was happening. She asked " what happened to you, you are ready this early and where are you go in? Your school has given you holidays" Ramesh said laughing, "mom, do you know what month is this?" Mom said “This is May, oh you are going to VBS aren't you? it will start around 9, why are you ready this early?” Ramesh said, “Last year VBS brothers asked us to bring two more children with you. So I am going to invite our new neighbour Gopi uncle's children and their guests ‘children to VBS. He said shouldn't others also know Jesus we knew ? That's why I'm going this early.” Mom sent him happily.


Children! You also take your and your neighbour's guests’ children to VBS this year. We can say this is your duty. Along with them take your non Christian friends. Those who you take to VBS with you will come to heaven with you. 

- Mrs. Saral Subash



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