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Daily Devotion (English) – 26.03.2023 (Kids Special)

Daily Devotion (English) – 26.03.2023 (Kids Special)


Don't get addicted


“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” - John 8:36


There lived a sage in a tiny house in the forest. Are you asking who is a sage? Those who isolate themselves from this world, unmarried and serve their god. This sage kept himself and his surroundings clean, ate tubers and fruits for food and spent his time meditating. He gave good advise to those who come to see him and prayed for them. Knowing this, lot of people started coming. They brought fruits, cashews, almonds and good food with them. He took what he needed and stored the rest in his house without giving it to anyone. Rats started coming into his house. His friend came to his house and this sage told him, these rats are a disturbance nowadays. He gave a cat to this sage. The rats are gone and there is no food for this cat, so the friend brought a cow. What does a cow give? Yes, milk. It was more than enough for the cat and the sage. But the cow dung is stinking. It made mosquitoes and insects to multiply rapidly so this sage can't even sleep properly. It was a big burden for him to take care of the cow and the cat. 


He stopped meditating. The crowd came to see him began to decline. He started thinking. I was good when I had enough food! I gave place for greediness and got addicted to food! He realized because of that, his place, body and soul are contaminated. He gave back the cow and the cat to his friend, cleaned his house and removed unwanted things from his house, and he decided that I'm no longer a slave to anyone other than God and started meditating. Lot of people began to wait for his advise. 


Did you listen to the story children! Though you have cell phones, television, laptop, computer you should limit yourselves. If you use them too often, it will affect your eyes, mental health and also your future. Like the sage realized his addiction and made it right, you should also try to come out of your addictions. God will help you. If you give yourself in his arms, you will be freed for sure. Are you ready? 

- Mrs. Anbu Jothi Stalin



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