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Daily Devotion (English) – 23.03.2023

Daily Devotion (English) – 23.03.2023


Do what you can


“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might” - Ecclesiastes 9:10


A witness about a missionary who went to Africa, an old lady he guided into salvation shook me. 


She was blind, so she don't know to read. But she wanted for everyone to know Jesus Who is familiar to her. So she went to this missionary and got a French Bible from him. Then she asked him to underline John 3:16 in red ink. Then she kept a bookmark to open it easily. This missionary wondered what this illiterate blind woman is going to do with the Bible so he followed her. She will go and stand infront of the school in that village at the time when children will go home. Then she will call a student and ask him " do you know to read French". If his reply is yes, she will ask him to read that verse marked in red ink. Then she will explain the meaning. She did this tirelessly and made 25 pastors. Among those who hid their talents and complain about what they don't have, this woman life is a beating to those. 


Most of the times we think like this " I don't know to do ministry like them. I can't preach like them." There is a beautiful verse in the Bible. " She did what she could". We are called to do what we can do. We can see in the above incident that she reaped many by her stubborn prayer and efforts, though she is blind. So start doing what you can do with faith. That tiny beginning will bring great results. 

- S. Baskar Ruben


Prayer request:

For the necessities to be met for hospital in our campus.



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